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What the Heck is a Gloydverse?

This site is the hub for all of the creations and information about and by J.R. Gloyd. This is where you can get connected and find everything that spills out of his head, from creations and collaborations to interests and fascinations. It's a universe, if you will, from the mind of a Gloyd... hence, a "Gloydverse."

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Who is J.R. Gloyd?

In case you were wondering, it's pronounced "gloid," like "Lloyd," but with a "G." Gloyd is a writer and cartoonist from his hometown of Las Vegas, NV. Inspired by great cartoonists, writers, and artists (like Walt Disney, Genndy Tartakovsky, Charles Schulz, and Mike Mignola, to name a few) he lives to create--new worlds to escape to, characters to relate to, stories to give into--he loves it all! Mainly focusing on a traditional and cartoony style, Gloyd uses his artwork to assist and accentuate his true passion: writing.

J.R. Gloyd enjoys writing in all mediums: scripts, narratives, poetry, illustrations, comics, etc. He also loves the idea of supporting original, fresh, and upcoming artists with talent, and enjoys working with them to tell his stories, as well as their own.

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The ACC!

J.R. Gloyd is a proud member of the Artists Comic Collective (ACC!), a network of creators, writers, and artists that get together on a regular basis to inspire and support one another. For more info on the group, check out their site!

ACC! Website | ACC! Facebook Page

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RAW: Natural Born Artists

J.R. Gloyd is a proud member of RAW Artists, an international organization dedicated to helping, networking, and providing resources for beginning and established artists alike. For more info, check out their site!

RAW Artists Website | RAW Facebook Page | RAW Twitter

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What's With the Upside Down Face?

That's an easy one! The unhappy face logo--which was recently turned upside down and will remain that way from now on--is just there as a reminder that, even with hard and sad times, life is what you make it. You can choose to be sad, or you can strive to make yourself happy while being content with what you have. It's a literal play on "turning that frown upside down."

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Find the latest updates, events, and interests on the GLoYDVeRSe blog.

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Click here to download J.R. Gloyd's resume.

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Check out samples of writing and artwork here.

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Read narratives, poetry, short stories, and other pure-text writing. Click here.

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Read short stories, tall tales, and one-shots with a visual storytelling focus, including some with a mix-medium style! Click here.

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Read some ridiculous comics and cartoons written purely for fun during spare time. Click here.

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Watch the latest videos on the GLoYDVeRSe YouTube channel.

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Support Latest Project!

Support the latest project by J.R. Gloyd through crowd-funding or other means of backing! Click here.

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The GLoYDVeRSe greatly appreciates any additional funding it can get to keep the artist life alive! Thank you! Donate here.

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Rather support another way? Click here to download banners to add to your own site and link them to http://gloydverse.com!

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Email: contact[at]gloydverse[dot]com

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